Real Estate Specialist

How to Tender

Material Requirements:

The material to be quoted must be exactly as specified in the 'Specification.' Alternatives may be accepted; however, all deviations from our specifications must be clearly stated otherwise they may be rejected. When the name of a particular manufacturer appears in the specification, you are to interpret this to mean the product of that manufacturer or its equivalent unless the manufacturer's product is shown as mandatory. If an equivalent is offered, your proposal must clearly state 'equivalent' and provide full descriptive technical data.

Please ensure that your bid includes full specification details and attach brochures, catalogues, etc. to facilitate evaluation of your bid.


Pricing should be in Qatari Riyals only. Items should be priced individually, extended according to quantity and then totaled. Any additional charges, incentives or discounts are to be shown separately. It should clearly state the total lump sum price of all components offered in the Format of Tender Form 'Annexure 1'.


Please confirm your quotation is valid for a period of 60 days.

Payment Terms:

Net 60 days after completion of work, end user's approval/ satisfaction and submission of invoice.


Please state your best delivery/ lead time, allowing for anticipated holidays or any delays.

If the Bidder (Contractor/ Supplier) fails to honor the 'Promised Delivery Schedule' stated in the bid, ALAQARIA may establish that damages have been caused to ALAQARIA, and exercise the right to impose 'Liquidated Damages' on the final invoice at the rate of maximum 10% of total order value.


As per attached Schedule "B"


Any order resulting from this enquiry shall be subject to inspection by ALAQARIA authorized representative. The presence of ALAQARIA representative shall not relieve the Successful Bidder from their own inspection and quality assurance responsibilities. It is a condition of purchase that the Successful Bidder submits, two weeks after receipt of any resulting PO, a Quality Control/ Inspection Plan.

Terms & Conditions:

The Successful Bidder will be issued a Purchase Order that will incorporate ALAQARIA's standard Terms & Conditions of Purchase, copy of which is attached as Schedule "B." The Successful Bidder will be bound by these Terms & Conditions and is deemed to have comprehended the same in preparing and submitting its quotation.

Bids are to be submitted on Bidder's company letterhead. Quotations must be in English and should be typewritten. Any mistakes made in completing of the tender and corrected before submission shall be initialed by the person authorized to sign the tender on behalf of bidder.

ALAQARIA expressly retains the right to reject or accept any or all bids in whole or in part. ALAQARIA will not be responsible for any costs or expenses incurred by Bidder in connection with its preparation and submission of its tender.


As a condition of tendering for this requirement, you are required to submit a list of projects where you, your Principal, have manufactured and performed work of similar nature in the past five (5) years and the names of your customers along with the countries to which the goods were delivered.

You are requested to state whether you or your manufacturer(s) is accredited to ISO 9001. If so, please state which ISO standard you have attained.


Failure to comply with any of our requirements, specifications or otherwise, may result in the rejection of your quotation.

Commercial and Technical Offers:

Bidders are required to submit their quotations in One (1) wax sealed envelope.

Document One: Commercial: Priced Offer that includes prices and terms and conditions governing delivery. It should clearly state the total lump sum price of all components offered.

This One Envelope should be clearly marked and addressed as follows:

Qatar Real Estate Investment Company

Tender Committee

Second Floor  - Reception Desk

Old Salata, Museum Street

P.O. Box 22311

Doha, Qatar

Tender No.:

Bid Closing Date:

Time:  between 8:00 and 12:00 hours

Failure to comply with the instructions above may result in the rejection of your quotation. Method of delivery shall be decided by you at your own risk; we recommend courier or hand delivery.

Correction of Arithmetical and/or other Errors

Should the amount put in words differ from the amount put in figures, or if there is any arithmetical error in the Tender, the lesser amount shall be taken unless the discrepancy is attributable to an obvious error, whereupon the correct amount shall be taken.

Any adjustment, correction, clarification or amendment made by ALAQARIA to a Tender will be communicated to the Bidder for his acknowledgement prior to award of the contract.


If you have any questions concerning this enquiry, please contact the undersigned in writing on Fax +974 4443 1693